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? cdibona
Googler, Open Source Dude, Dad Also, I help at: https://t.co/bYpf8ccHKt

  1. Caterina Caterina Fake @Caterina   ?Caterina

    Yes VC. Cofounder: Flickr, Hunch, Sesat School. Etsy. Sundance. Investor. Homeschooling, film, literature. Dogs.

  2. om OM @om   ?om

    I was a reporter once. Now I have opinions about tech. I write. I make photos. I invest @TrueVentures & blog at https://t.co/AvBTBiv8hn.

  3. jack jack @jack   ?jack

  4. fredwilson Fred Wilson @fredwilson   ?fredwilson

    I am a VC

  5. chrismessina Chris Messina @chrismessina   ?chrismessina

    👨🏻‍💻 Co-founder @trymolly (YC W18)! X-Uber; X-Google. Constantly evolving; ever-curious. Product design guy. Sorry, not the actor. Kicking names; taking ass.

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