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  1. crazybob Bob Lee @crazybob   ?crazybob

    CEO of Present Company—@letsbepresent. Former CTO of @Square.

  2. starbuxman Josh Long (龙之春, जोश) @starbuxman   ?starbuxman

    Spring Advocate @Pivotal https://t.co/hU0StWd2oc; @david_syer's my spirit animal; @pearson https://t.co/mCv8YsGbJc; @OReillyMedia https://t.co/0ox9mLWLN9 🍃🐲

  3. aalmiray Andres Almiray @aalmiray   ?aalmiray

    JSR377 Spec lead, Groovy aficionado, Griffon project lead, Java Champion, JavaOne Rockstar, JCP EC, Hackergarten, https://t.co/yydkIDXGn1

  4. gafter Neal Gafter @gafter   ?gafter

    Interested in programming language evolution (C#, http://t.co/hCBIdsPVMh,

  5. cpurdy cpurdy @cpurdy   ?cpurdy

    I am a famous actor, world renowned singer, CEO of a fortune-100 company, jet-setting playboy, and all around fake. But I can code.

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